singapore sme grants

Singapore’s Top 7 Grants for SMEs

Singapore government has always been very supportive of SMEs, in the form of providing Singapore SME grants. In this article, we...

fintech and banks

Fintech & Banks – Capgemini World Retail Banking Report 2016

By Capgemini and EFMA Capgemini, together with EFMA, has conducted a global study to gauge customers’ attitudes towards their financial service...

invoice factoring

Invoice Factoring Basics: How to pick the right Finance company.

Invoice factoring / invoice discounting is a form of Invoice Financing. It utilises accounts receivable (i.e. invoices) to generate immediate cash...

fintech start-up

Perks for working in a Fintech Start-up

A fintech start-up is pretty much the bottom end of the spectrum of the corporate world.  It is more of working...

How is Invoice Financing different from Loans?

How is Invoice Financing different from Loans?

Invoice financing is a type of finance where a business sells its accounts receivable (or outstanding invoices) to the financier at...

transparency real time bidding

The Edge – Press Release

InvoiceInterchange draws investors with transparency real-time bidding