With the advancement in technology and with it the development of a myriad of business apps, businesses are spoilt for choice when it comes to utilising these apps to help with every aspect of their business, from cash flow, inventory, human resources, marketing, or sales.  In this article, we zoom in on cash flow and discover the apps that are available out there to help you control and manage cash flow for your business.  From forecasting, bookkeeping, and collection.


Forecasting cash flow


Cash flow forecasting involves the ability to estimate future cash inflows (sales and revenue) and outflows (expenses including operational expenses, debt repayments, and paying suppliers) for a specified period.  Accurate cash flow forecasting allows businesses to:

  • Predict future cash needs, which in turn will help avoid any potential cash shortages and earn additional income on the cash surpluses.
  • Allow for growth planning, i.e., ensure there is sufficient cash flow to help support future revenue growth. This includes R&D, expansion plans, etc.

Here are some apps that can assist with cash flow forecasting:


Analysing cash flow


Cash flow analysis allows business owners to determine their available working capital to run business operations at any given point in time.  It provides a snapshot of the liquidity of your business and demonstrates how cash is moving in and around your business. In addition, it helps track activities that generate or use cash.


To perform a cash flow analysis, we need operating, investing, and financing cash flow statements.  Your business accounting software should be able to generate these reports.


net cash flow forecast

Source: wallstreetmojo


Many accounting softwares like Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks are able to generate cash flow statements with a few clicks of a button.


Cash flow finance


Once a cash flow forecast and analysis is completed, you will know where cash is in surplus or deficit for a particular period. In circumstances where you know you will have a gap in cash flow, an invoice finance facility is a great way to help you manage this situation.  Invoice finance allows businesses to bring forward future cash flows by getting an advance on funds owed to you in accounts receivable. When you get paid faster you can easily cover upfront costs, and overheads, quickly pay unexpected bills or salaries, and access cash flow for growth.

At InvoiceInterchange, we help unlock flexible funding for you with an invoice finance facility. You decide which invoices to fund when you need it. Our facility is fully integrated with the Xero accounting software to enable an automated and seamless finance experience.   Now this is an solution that really can help control and manage cashfow for your business.





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