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Business Apps That Empower Remote Working

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Remote working is here to stay, in our third article of ‘Apps That Help You’ series, we will be covering technology that can help your business operates remotely in an efficient and effective manner.

Let us start with communication

Businesses still require a phone number to receive incoming calls from both prospective and existing customers.  But if you are no longer physically in the office, how do you then continue to receive such phone calls?  Fortunately, technology has progressed and there are today many virtual phone number services available.  These numbers originate in the cloud and get linked to a pre-existing telephone number that you already own.  This means you are able to receive calls to your office number and answer these calls on your landline or any mobile you choose, thus allowing you to run your business from anywhere in the world.     

Some virtual number providers are:  SkypeOomaNextiva, and Dialpad

In terms of internal communications, there are so many tools available out there for both messaging and video calls to support remote working.  Some of these apps are: Google MeetZoomSkypeSlack.

Accessing company data securely

Now that you are running your business remotely, another important key factor is the ability to access company data from anywhere in a secure manner. With so many available cloud data storage services like Google DriveDropbox, it allows you and your team to access company data easily and seamlessly.  It also provides different and customisable levels of security to suit your business needs. 

Managing company cash flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business.  The ability to get access to and understand your financials and their performance from anywhere and at any point in time is essential.  This allows you to make better and informed business decisions, whether it is a change in customer target segment to focus on, knowing which product or service is working well, or if there is sufficient cash flow to cover all upcoming expenses.

To help businesses better manage cashflow, an online invoice finance platform can help businesses get paid upfront on their outstanding invoices from anywhere in the world, as and when needed.  Businesses simply log on to the invoice finance platform like InvoiceInterchange, upload an outstanding invoice to be funded and funds will be in your bank account within 24 hours.  No manual paperwork is required, and you receive flexible funding with a few clicks of a button.  It is that easy. 

Looking After HR

There are several HR apps that allow you to manage your company remotely, from dealing with payroll, managing holidays, sick leave, CPF, expense claims, and maternity or paternal leave.   Some HR apps available are: HREasilyJustloginEmployment Hero.

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