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InvoiceInterchange and Xero, Cash Flow Solution for Growing Businesses

We are thrilled to announce enhancements to our Xero cash flow solution integration that furthers our mission to make it simple for businesses to obtain finance. It is now even easier to optimise cash flow by selling outstanding customer invoices via our online platform.  Business in both Singapore and Australia can now tap into our Xero simple funding features. 

Who is Xero?

Xero is a cloud accounting platform that helps businesses improve efficiency in managing their accounting and finance.  Financial reports can be easily generated to help you gain a better control of your business financials.   Over the years, Xero is becoming the number one preferred accounting platform for SMEs around the world.

Integration benefits for your business

With our enhanced integration with Xero, we have simplified the invoice finance process to make it easier for businesses to obtain finance.  At InvoiceInterchange, we understand that business owners want the process of getting funding to be easy, flexible, and available as and when they need it.  And that is exactly what we have delivered.  Here are some of the key features of the Xero integration:

  • Easily connect your Xero account.
  • Obtain an invoice finance indicative offer within minutes.
  • Draw down funds against your outstanding invoices with a few clicks of a button.
  • Automatically post accounting transactions from your drawdowns and settlement.
  • Fully configurable account postings to meet your accounting requirements.

Businesses can obtain funds up to $1million against their outstanding invoices.  When an invoice is fully paid by your clients, the finance pertaining to that invoice is settled.  You can repeat this cycle (draw down funds -> fund your business -> client pays) as and when you need to.

Future of Invoice Finance – flexible cash flow solution

The integration with Xero is another step in our journey in helping business owners manage cash flow and simplifying the invoice finance process.  We will continue to enhance our platform to make credit assessment and the funding of invoices even more simple and straightforward – allowing business owners to reduce admin and focus on growing their business. 

We are extremely excited to have partnered Xero as a finance app partner and look forward to helping more businesses grow.

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