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Text: Singapore Back to Phase 2 – how will it affect your business

Singapore Back to Phase 2 – COVID-19

Singapore goes into Phase 2 restrictions effective May 8th, 2021 till May 30th, 2021, with the aim of keeping a lid on the spread of the Indian coronavirus variant which has been detected in the local community.  The hope is that this will prevent a further wave of COVID-19, as well as avoid another lockdown or circuit breaker.

Phase 2 restrictions

The announcement was made on May 4th to allow businesses to adjust to Phase 2 restriction requirements.  Some of the changes are:

Working from home

It is back to working from home for many Singaporeans.  Under the new rules, no more than 50 percent (down from 75 percent) of employees who can work from home can be in the office at any one time.  Your business will have to continue to be agile.  Ensure all employees have the capability to work from home, even after Stage 2 restrictions are lifted.  For staff members attending the office, allow them to work flexible hours to help reduce physical interactions.  

Incoming passengers

Any of your team members returning to Singapore will need to quarantine at home.  The duration will be increased from 14 days to 21 days for passengers coming in from higher-risk countries.

Events and social gatherings

Any social gatherings in or outside the workplace should be avoided during this time.  If required, the limit will be reduced from 8 to 5 people.  Indoor gyms and fitness studios will be shut. 

Event attendees will also be reduced from 750 to 250.  No spectators allowed at sports events.

Contact tracing

Digital check-ins must be done via the TraceTogether app or token from May 17th (brought forward from June 1st). 

Latest on the Singapore economic recovery

The latest May 2021 COVID-19 phase 2 restrictions have been introduced to also help minimise the possibility of another lockdown that will cause a setback to the recovery of the Singapore economy.  According to Prime Minister Lee, Singapore’s economy is currently on track to recover to pre-pandemic levels.  It is expected to grow between 4 and 6 percent in 2021.  PM Lee commented that there is a good chance that Singapore can achieve 6 percent or even better growth, provided that the COVID-19 situation remains stable and the global economy continues to recover.

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