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A Guide to Invoice Trading – Alternative Investment

A Guide to Invoice Trading – Alternative Investment

The popularity of alternative investments has been growing steadily as investors look to diversify their portfolios in light of the current...

Apps that Help with Invoice Management

Apps that Streamline Invoice Management

Invoice management and invoicing can be a mundane process for B2B businesses, yet it is a crucial function.  Without tight control...

How Inflation is Impacting Businesses

How Inflation is Impacting Businesses 

In July 2022, Singapore’s annual inflation rate rose to 7.0% from 6.7% the previous month, the fastest rise in consumer prices...

invoicing Etiquette To Get Paid On Time

How Best to Follow Up on Overdue Invoices?

According to the 2022 Atradius Payment Practices Barometer survey, 54% of invoices are overdue in Singapore.  Chasing your customers over overdue...

turning invoice into immediate cash

Turning Invoices into Immediate Cashflow

When looking for an external funding, business owner often overlooks invoices as a source of funds.  Forget business loans, explore invoice...

Are Invoices and Bills the Same Thing?

Are Invoices and Bills the Same Thing?

People often get confused between invoices and bills.  Are they not the same thing?  Generally, yes, both are a type of...