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7 Myths About Invoice Finance, Busted!
September 17, 2020

Invoice Finance is a great working capital solution for businesses.  It allows business owners to have full control over their cash…

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Xero-InvoiceInterchange Partnership brings ease to Small Business Finance
January 16, 2019

Introducing the Xero-InvoiceInterchange Partnership   A new Xero-InvoiceInterchange partnership is paving the way for small businesses to quickly and easily fund…

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invoice factoring, invoice financing benefits drawback, advantages and disadvantages
Benefits & Drawback of Invoice Factoring
May 2, 2018

Invoice factoring / invoice financing is a quick and short-term borrowing for companies to improve their cash flow. For effective use…

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invoice factoring, debt financing
What is Invoice Factoring (Debt Factoring)
March 7, 2018

Invoice Factoring allows businesses to obtain quick and easy cash flow by selling invoices or the entire accounts receivables to a…

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Invoice Financing: The Popular Choice for Today’s SMEs Financing Needs
August 28, 2017

Invoice financing to raise cash to meet SMEs financing needs is becoming the popular choice for SMEs. The rise of peer-to-peer…

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Improve Cash flow
Improve Cash Flow with Invoice Financing
April 6, 2017

Funding with Invoice Financing In the recent article regarding possible challenges faced by SMEs, cash flow is a significant issue that…

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Disrupting debtor finance: Cash is King – Interview with Brian Teng
June 15, 2016

This article was extracted from FinTech Innovation.  For the actual article, please click here   By Allan Tan | 2016-06-07 Small businesses…

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invoice financing
How is Invoice Financing different from Loans?
April 6, 2016

Invoice financing is a type of finance where a business sells its accounts receivable (or outstanding invoices) to the financier at…

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financing facilities for smes
Comparison of Financing Facilities for SMEs
March 28, 2016

There are many financing facilities for SMEs that are available for today’s businesses to tap into.  So among the financing facilities…

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manage late payment
How to manage late payment
February 14, 2016

On average, 44.8% of invoices in Singapore are still outstanding on their due dates, 25% are still outstanding after more than…

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