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Text: How InvoiceInterchange's Invoice Finance Facility Helps Businesses Grow

How InvoiceInterchange’s Invoice Finance Facility Helps Businesses Grow

InvoiceInterchange was established in 2015 offering an alternative source of funding to B2B businesses by way of flexible invoice finance facility. The founders understood the perennial challenge that SME business owners face in managing and maintaining adequate cash flow in the business. And therefore, the mission was always to help SMEs take back control of cashflow and allow them to focus on growing their business.  To date, we have helped hundreds of SME customers flexibly access working capital and bridge their cashflow needs.  Below are the top 6 reasons why clients love InvoiceInterchange.

Access to immediate cash as and when needed

A common theme across our client base is that they face long payment terms imposed by their larger customers.  Having to wait 30, 60, 90 or even 120 days can be painful!  This results in cash flow constraints within their businesses.  With upfront costs to cover as well as on-going running costs, it can be difficult and stressful to manage. 

Using our Invoice Finance facility, our clients can at any point decide which invoices to fund and thereby convert outstanding invoices into cash. This allows our clients to have the confidence to plan, take on new orders and meet expenses when they fall due with no stress.

Confidence to win sales

Whenever a significant new sale is agreed or project is won, there are often mixed feelings where one can sometimes feel both thrilled but also worried about whether we have sufficient working capital to fulfil the customer’s order.  Will I have enough funds to cover upfront costs, pay suppliers and overheads when they fall due?

With InvoiceInterchange as your finance partner, you have access to funding as and when needed.  You decide which invoices to fund, with no need to commit your whole sales ledger.  So go on and win those sales!

Ability to negotiate better pricing with suppliers

With an Invoice Finance facility in place, our clients can now take control of when their outstanding invoices will be paid and get paid earlier. Having the cash in hand allows our clients to negotiate for better pricing from their suppliers by offering to pay them early.

No contract lock-ins or minimum fees

Our clients always have the peace of mind that we will provide ongoing financial support even when drawdowns may not happen on a regular basis.  We understand that not every business has the same funding requirements.  For example, project-based businesses have more lumpy cash flow cycles and will therefore only require funding as and when projects get underway.  Seasonal businesses on the other hand typically look for more funding during certain times of the year.   

Whether your needs are one-off, seasonal or ongoing, you can choose the term that works best for your business with Invoice Finance at InvoiceInterchange.

Fully online solution, access it anywhere!

At InvoiceInterchange, we have a purposed-built Invoice Finance platform that supports the end-to-end drawdown process – from onboarding to funding and to settlement.  Our clients submit invoices for drawdown with a few clicks of a button.  No additional manual process is required to get funds into your bank account. 

Furthermore, InvoiceInterchange is fully integrated with the Xero accounting software.  This means for every invoice you choose to fund, all the relevant accounting entries are automatically posted for you.  It’s just so easy!

Obtaining funding in multi-currency

We understand that Singapore businesses often have customers located globally.  Therefore, we can provide financing in SGD, AUD and USD to clients.

If your business is ready to take the next step and have a reliable finance partner, talk to one of our team members today to see how we can help unlock flexible funding for your business.

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