Singapore will be moving to Phase 3 of its re-opening on December 28th 2020.  This is definitely good news for businesses.  So why is Phase 3 re-opening good for your business and how will it impact your business?  Check out the summary below.


Pre-conditions for move to Phase 3

The government once again reminded Singaporeans of the criteria that Singapore as a nation must meet prior to moving to Phase 3 re-opening:

1.  Adherence to safe management measures. Most businesses and members of the public have been cooperating with safe management measures, and these efforts have helped keep community transmission low.

2. Sufficient testing capabilities for early detection and public health action is implemented. Currently, Singapore is able to support over 50,000 tests a day.  The government has also introduced antigen rapid tests for larger and higher-risk events.

3. High adoption of TraceTogether to help with contact tracing. Currently, about 65% (target of 70%) of Singapore residents are on the TraceTogether Programme. 


Re-opening activities for businesses

Expected changes are:

  • Increase in indoor social gatherings from 5 to 8 visiting persons.
  • Increase capacity limit for malls and large standalone stores from 10 square meters per person to 8 square meters per person.
  • Indoor live performances can have up to 250 persons
  • Outdoor live performance can have up to 250 persons


Returning to offices

There are currently no changes in terms of employees returning to the office.  This means:

  • Working from home still remains the default.
  • Employers may arrange for employees to return to the office to better support work and business operations. However, the below conditions must be met:
    • Employees must be working from home at least half of their working time
    • No more than half of employees are in the office at any point in time
    • Companies should continue to conduct virtual meetings as much as possible
    • Implement stagger start times and allow flexible workplace hours to minimise congregation at all common spaces or near the workplace
    • All onsite personnel must wear masks at the workplace
    • Workplace events and activities are allowed up to 50 persons and must follow safe distance and other measures
    • Minimise any social gatherings within or outside workplace.

For further details, please visit the MOM website.

Additional relaxation of restrictions could still form part of Phase 3 re-opening, pending further announcements.


Migrant workers

From first quarter 2021, migrant workers will be able to access the community once a month providing the following criteria are met:

  • Rostered Routine Testing
  • Wearing of contact tracing tokens
  • Safe living measures

Migrant workers who are living in dormitories and working in Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors must wear their BluePass tokens and continue to go for Rostered Routing Testing.


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