Our CEO was one of the Fintech speakers at the recently held Global Payment Summit where he provided an overview of the pain and challenges faced by growing SMEs today.

SMEs are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain funding from traditional lenders due to increased regulation and the current economic climate.   In addition, their customers  continue to extend payment terms.  These cause strain to the SME’s cash flow and limits its ability to grow.

We provide a solution where SMEs can obtain immediate working capital by leveraging their account receivables.  Our solution is flexible where SMEs only use our service when they need to.  Business owners have total control.

We fielded questions around risk and default management.  We have a rigorous on-boarding process, with further invoice verification for each auction.  We offer a recourse service where collection responsibilities still lie with the SMEs.  This way, we ensure that the relationship between our SMEs and their customers are not impacted.

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